Carolina Lugo’s & Carole Acuna’s Ballet Flamenco

23 years of world class, innovative, creative, passionate and cutting edge Dance Excellence  1997-2020

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New class location

Classes are held at the Belly Dance Studio, 1235 Boulevard Way, Walnut Creek

Ballet Flamenco – Premier Academy for Flamenco in the Bay Area About Flamenco

If you want to taste the vibrant Spanish culture, Flamenco is truly an art form you should experience, and indulge yourself in. This sensual dance form is one of the most characteristic elements of Spanish culture. A beautiful, emotional style of dance, Flamenco is marked by its unique lighting fast footwork that is performed to the tune of moving Flamenco music, resulting in complex and passionate movements.

A Flamenco performance makes for a compelling sensory spectacle, with its intense yet graceful and sensuous blend of dance and music.

The History of Flamenco

The origins of Flamenco are the subject of much debate because the dance form has been documented only for the past 200 years. Even the use of the word ‘Flamenco’ cannot be traced back further than the 18th century Gypsies of southern Spain. Most of what we all know about Flamenco has been through stories and legends that have been passed down through generations, much like the Flamenco songs. While a lot of the details about this classical Spanish dance form are lost in history, one certain thing is that it originated in Andalusia and developed under the influence of Arabic music and musical instruments that were adopted by the indigenous people of the region.

Carolina Lugo’s & Carolé Acuña’s Ballet Flamenco is our dance company which has Flamenco Academy in San Francisco and Walnut Creek our mission is to share the rich traditions of Flamenco and Spanish dances with all communities and encourage renewed artistic creativity within the Iberian-Hispano experience.

Best Flamenco Dancers – About

Carolina Lugo and Carolé Acuña mother and daughter are Co-Directors of Ballet Flamenco with the former having founded the company in 1997. Both exceptionally talented dancers who have received countless accolades and awards have worked tirelessly over the years to not only preserve their rich Spanish cultural traditions but passing them on others. They work with American-born artists and major artist from Spain to exhibit their stunning Flamenco and Spanish dance, music, and song as a harmonious whole. You too can witness the passion and magic by attending one of their weekly Saturday night performances by booking your tickets here.

Learn Flamenco and Classical Spanish Dance at our Flamenco Academy in San Francisco and Walnut Creek

Carolina Lugo provides weekly classes and workshops for budding male and female Flamenco dancers, Learn more about the classes here.

To get in touch with us for more information contact Carolina at or call 925-939-7850 or 510-504-4448