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Come, Witness the Magic of Our Spanish & Flamenco Dance Show

Flamenco is a dance form that originated in Southern Spain in the region called Andalusia. It was the result of the blending of Gypsy, Arab and Christian cultures. This beautiful art form much like American blues and jazz uses improvisation to combined singing, dancing, and music which is riveting. Flamenco is characterized by a strong and complex emotional intensity, which is emphasized by the passionate lyrics of the song, the electrifying music and the performance of the artists. If you want to witness the rich and vibrant Spanish culture in all its glory, you must definitely not miss Carolina & Carole’s, high energy and passionate flamenco dance shows in heart of San Francisco old historic North Beach.

Watch a Flamenco Dance Show by Carolina Lugo and Carolé Acuña
Are you interested in flamenco? Do you want to enjoy the skill, talent, art and the unmatched passion the artist’s exhibit on stage? Do you keep searching for a “flamenco dance show near me”? Then you need to book your tickets for Carolina and Carolé next flamenco show. Immerse yourself in the experience by letting your mind get carried away by the rhythms of the guitar and the intense movements of the artist(s), all in the atmosphere created in the tablao. By understanding and feeling what the artists are trying to express on stage, you will be able to comprehend that flamenco is an art that is enriched by passion and emotion.

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